Stephane Dieudonne

Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris

S. Dieudonné studied biology at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, where he acquired a strong background in math and physics. He graduated from Pierre and Marie Curie University in 1998, under the direction of P. Ascher. His early work focused on the synaptic and network properties of cerebellar microcircuits, using acute slice electrophysiology. He was recruited on a permanent research position at INSERM in 2000 and started his own research team in 2005 at Ecole Normale Superieure. Since 2002, he has been developing fast multiphoton imaging strategies based on the use of non-mechanical acousto-optic deflectors, to monitor and control neuronal activity at the cellular and sub-cellular scales. His team has recently demonstrated that multiphoton optical recording of single spikes is possible using GEVIs in the awake animal in depth and with submillisecond resolution.