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A Welcome Reception will be held on the evening of Thursday, 25 October 2018.

The KFS: Neurotech meeting will be held during the days of 26-27 October 2018.

Workshop Scope and Details

Over two full days of interaction between invited participants (on Friday and Saturday), this Symposium will explore the state-of-the-art in neurotechnology, next-gen prospects on the horizon, and how we might collectively accelerate progress toward new methodologies and instrumentation.

Preliminary Agenda Topics

  • Emerging Neurotechnology Needs of the Neuroscience and Neuromedicine Communities
  • Direct Neurosensing: Electrophysiology and Neurochemical Sensing
  • Advanced Photonics for Functional Imaging and Patterned Stimulation
  • Genetic Reporters and Actuators
  • Big Data for Brain Circuit Interrogation
  • Neurotechnology Foundation Concept

Our focus will be primarily on implantable and head-mounted neurotechnology for brain circuit interrogation, including a session on translation for human neuromedicine.