David Steuerman

Science Program Officer
The Kavli Foundation

David Steuerman is passionate about Nanoscience and Data and serves as a Science Program Officer at The Kavli Foundation. Previously he has contributed to major systems engineering efforts for the government, led research and development teams at a data-focused start-up, and was an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Victoria in BC. His academic career focused on nanoscale fabrication, complex electrical and optical characterization, and instrumentation development. Dr. Steuerman completed his Ph.D. in physical chemistry under the guidance of Jim Heath and worked closely with the Stoddart group. In this highly collaborative environment he studied the interactions of polymers and carbon nanotubes for the purpose of self-assembly and novel device fabrication and pursued mechanistic studies of catenane and rotaxane switching phenomena in environments such as solutions, polymer electrolytes, and solid state devices. Following this work he was awarded a California NanoSystems Institute postdoctoral fellowship to explored the ultrafast magneto-optics of semiconductors and nanostructures as a member of David Awschalom’s group.