David McMullen

Program Officer
National Institute of Mental Health (NIH-NIMH)

David McMullen, MD. Program Chief, Neuromodulation and Neurostimulation (A3-NSNM) Program, Adult Pathophysiology and Biological Interventions Development Branch, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Dr. McMullen’s portfolio includes invasive and non-invasive device-based approaches to treat a variety of mental health indications such as depression, OCD, anxiety, schizophrenia, amongst other disorders. He oversees device development and biomarker discovery grants as well as clinical trials ranging from first-in-human to pivotal studies intended to obtain FDA regulatory approval. Dr. McMullen also participates in the NIH Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative. He helps oversee programs focused on next-generation invasive device development, new tools for non-invasive neuromodulation, and neuroethics. Prior to joining NIMH in 2016, he was a Senior Scientist at Fulcrum, where he provided support to DARPA’s Biological Technology Office (BTO). Dr. David McMullen is a neuroscientist and medical doctor with clinical neurosurgical training from Johns Hopkins University. His program of research focuses on improving brain-machine interfaces by incorporating novel electrode designs and intelligent robotics to increase motor control and language production.